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Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning is a Supply ChainPlanning solution developed for a broad range of companies. Mostof our customers are manufacturers and/or distributors, but theapplication is successfully used in other industries such asretailing and spare parts. It adapts easily to individualcustomers through a simple specification process that takes a fewhours to complete.

Demand Forecasting is the marriage of a superior statisticalforecasting system with a user interface to support a modernCollaborative Forecasting Environment. Our statistical systemoutperforms other more expensive tools. The user interfacecontains a variety of simple, but powerful ways to modify thestatistical forecasts with adjustments related to marketintelligence, management planning or promotions.

The forecasts are organized into a structure of pyramids orenvironments that support aggregation to summary levels andconvert units to dollars so that management can review andcompare to existing plans. Adjustments can be made to any levelof aggregation and forced onto lower level forecasts for an itemor item at a location.

Typical Pyramid

Inventory Planning uses the combination of statisticalforecasts plus adjustments we call Management Forecasts tocompute reorder rules that can support any inventoryreplenishment process. Some clients pass the order quantity,safety stock and reorder point or min/max to other systems.Others use our replenishment systems - Master Scheduling, DRP andJoint Replenishment to generate suggested orders for variouspoints in their Supply Chain.

Master Scheduling produces time phased orders for up to twoyears and works well for discrete manufacturers. An annualinventory plan is generated to help management monitor overallinventory levels and manufacturing capacity. DRP is an extensionof master scheduling and takes orders from another companylocation as dependent requirements to combine with independentdemand requirements for a central location. Our JointReplenishment model recommends orders for groups of itemsobtained from a common source like an outside vendor. Therecommended order may be compared to multiple constraints andrefined to fit those constraints such as truck or rail carcapacity.

Distinguishing Features

Our software has been continuously enhanced for 18 years. Inits limited scope, it is competitive functionally with any systemin the marketplace. We have priced it attractively for companieswho don't feel compelled to spend hundreds of thousands ofdollars for acquisition.

We have many years experience with our system in a variety ofindustries. We understand implementation and support. Our clientsrate our support as excellent.


Ease of use minimizes time spent improving forecasts andtranslates to payroll savings.

Better financial performance and a competitive edge by:

  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Optimum safety stock to protect service and sales
  • Improved inventory availability
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Our Company

LBA Systems was founded in January 1997 as a successor toLucas-Bear & Associates. We have enhanced and modernized theLucas-Bear software systems for Demand Forecasting and InventoryPlanning originally created in 1985.

We develop and maintain the system for the PC and for allMicrosoft Operating Systems. We continue to support Lucas-Bearcustomers who obtained the system in the 90's and welcome newcustomers interested in a superior forecasting system linked toflexible inventory planning and replenishment.

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